Jesus has it all together for us

It seems to me that the way to get the best depth in your person this side of heaven, is to lean into who you are and whatever God puts around you.

The good things and the hard things.

Leaning into the emotions that go with each of those things and feeling and letting yourself be human.

Letting your self take that walk around your neighborhood with your old shorts and t-shirt, kicking it easy style because sometimes easy is really the best therapy.

No one has “it” all together because there is no “it” other than Jesus. Jesus already has it all together for us.  When we decide to stand on that one truth, we don’t have to try so hard at not caring or worse try so hard at being some sort of version of perfect.

Sometimes I yell at my boys…. get a little snarky at my man… forget important things my family needs me to do for them…  These things make me mad, make me tired, but most of all – they make me human. A Jesus needer if you will.

God bless the hard things that don’t make sense- in the moment- in my days. Giving me the courage to say, “Look Lord – You absolutely have to be bigger than this moment because I surely am not.”

And you know what?

He absolutely. Always. Is.

“The lions may grow weak and hungry but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.” Psalms 34:10


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