I know the truth about how our feelings aren’t able to tell us the whole truth. They are just indicating an emotion we are currently having.

And emotions change so feelings change. But what we have learned, what we have chosen, who we have aloud that to make us into – these things do not change. They are  truth.

Like a plant in the ground.

The rain and wind might blow the leaves off of the stem but the roots, down deep, under neath what is seen, do not change with the wind and sun.

This is who we are – what we have become.

I have to be real with myself though, when the feelings come and try to blow my confidence over. Make me feel not great about who I am.

Maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s a stomach ache who really knows all of this. but it’s annoying and I can either waller – and sometimes I do – or I can remind myself that I am human and fragile in need of daily heavenly Love.


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