I tell my boys and their friends they need to look before they cross the street to play with each other. It seems small and ordinary but it’s something very important – a little step that could make a huge difference in life.

I think it’s the same with continually praying the same prayers over and over in our lives. It seems redundant and even ordinary if you have been a believer very long. But it is anything but that. It keeps us focused on Him and His power. It’s an act of showing Whom we depend on for one thing. And super gutsy on the other end.

When I dare to let my boys cross a street to have the fun that is on the other side, it takes faith and trust – the same as asking God for things that are bigger than me on this this side of heaven.

I want to know what blessings God has for my life if I am willing to pray big prayers and go the distance in my faith. Don’t you?

So, I will continue to remind my boys to look when they cross the street, with or without them appreciating it. And I will continue to pray and believe HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE.






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