Our church has scripture printed on the walls as you walk up and down the stair way. I read it as I walk the stairs and let the Words press into me. It’s like a gift when I’m picking up my little guys.

The other day the words that stuck were “and cleanse yourself from all unrighteousness…”  since I don’t make it a habit of lying and cheating or stealing I was thinking I had that one in the bag – but I know Gods love well enough to understand He isn’t picking on me when He gently prods, so I let the question be asked… what is it Lord?

My grown up problem was doing things out of guilt and leaning into doubt rather than belief… Thinking I could fix peoples problems for them or that I should over do my part to make up for what they lacked. NOT TRUE!

This is a backbreaking, soul robbing practice that too often we call serving.

Truth: Jesus paid for the sins of the world on the cross. 100% Each person has to pick up their own cross and carry it if they want to see the glory of the Lord in this life.

 Let the One who made the stars, hold onto to them too.







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