He came through

God showed up for me in His Word again yesterday, when I didn’t think He would.

I know that He has a hundred times before. In my room alone when I was single, worried about my future husband, future everything I didn’t have yet, couldn’t see yet. When I had to find a place to live that I could be comfortable.

Always tears and fears and always provision and Love.

I know this and remember. Then when I was a new wife and soon later a new mom. He met me even though I was sure He wouldn’t this time. I was sure now, it was all up to me.

But of course it wasn’t, it never will be ~

When God asks us to do something, or gives us a new assignment, He is more than ready to hold us through that new hard/good thing. But time and time again, we take the assignment and assume…

He gave it to us, knowing He would help us. I think He wants us to ask Him though. It’s the old, you can’t fill hands that are already full thingy. Even God waits for us to ask Him.

So, I’m glad I asked Him yesterday. I’m glad I fell apart and let my husband gently be there for me -after I new God was going to be their for both of us.

Never alone when you have a Savior.

NEVER. not in your house, not in your car, not on social media, not raising your kids, not building a marriage, not when your kids are sick, never ever alone.


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