When we decide to slow down in our daily doing, things can still be accomplished.

It’s like, since we don’t have a boss to tell us what to do, we think we have to do it all… or we let ourselves get lazy and do too little.

Let’s find a balance.

The best place to start is by Coming. Just sit on your knees and bow and tell Jesus you want His help with your daily stuff. And the bigger pressings that you have too. He can handle us.

He wants so badly to help.

Every minute of every day is in His hands ~ so talk to Him about your moments instead of vainly attempting to plan your families lives away.

This way of living – alive and active in the moments, is an art form I plan to keep learning about. Becoming better about being present.

Because I forget how to breathe so easily! And I forget to pray. I mean to, but there is a vivid difference for me in the inner – peace department when I am really turning my thoughts into prayers verses thinking about praying.

And oh how He wants to hear our sweet prayers! I can’t write that enough…what a gift we are to our Heavenly Father. Why do we toil in vain?!


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