When my thoughts keep getting stuck on finding solutions to problems… ways to mend old broken down bridges,  I lose my peace and a piece of my True Identity. I suffer and this isn’t good Christian suffering. It’s self- centered suffering. 

I can get caught up on being a fixer (just to watch my efforts be all in vain) because it feels productive… But so is God Worship, productive. Storing my time and energy in an eternal Holy Place. building my forever home…while also giving me a solid place to be down here. 

Jesus came to save people from their emotional pain, their unforgiving hearts, their bitterness. Not me. I am not their Savior. People walk into their own pain and they have to walk out of their pain.

We can get our souls lost in doubt and not even realize that’s what we are doing. Trying to rehash old messes.

Stop feeding that monster. Stop trying to be sweet and do the sweetest thing possible in any situation you don’t have the answers for – Sit at His Feet.

Break it down – what do you think you are going to accomplish with your planning, scheming, thinking up explanations… these places are idols for a saved soul to get so very burned out and mind sick when really, really all we need to be doing is

Adoring Him. 

Our giving time to God doesn’t only build our heavenly crown, it puts heaven into us while we are on earth – and your earth, my earth – needs more of heaven now. It comes through us.



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