I have this drawer of leggings I forgot about until today. I opened it and it was like, “Yes!” Where have you been old friends?! My favorite go-to black leggings that make me feel so great when I put them on. and even more fun, I know I only paid $6.00 for them. Yep 🙂

They have just been sitting there waiting for me to find them and feel amazing again.

This makes me think of what it’s like to be a Jesus follower and forget some of His simple gifts to us to help us on the hard days. Or just when we get too busy to see Him.

Today, I found the gift of praise in song to Him.

It is wonderful. Remember?

When I’m with a group and I start to sing all big and then start to think well goodness I wonder what I sound like? Gee wiz I hope I brushed my teeth this morning.

This in the house praise is much more freeing to me 🙂 I put on my head phones and let it fly…! You could liken it to in the car praise too. It doesn’t matter one Iota what you sound like!!

Old favorite leggings, music, grace, these are the things I am thankful for today.


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