I was able to do something wonderful today, that I hadn’t been able to do in a very, very long time – if ever really. I was able to react like the child of the King that I am in a pressure situation, I chose faith and sanity over spiraling down hill into my emotions. Then when the time was right I was able to vent my feelings and be real about how that moment was making me really feel. Yes, I could see Gods sweet hand in it all – all the junk of the situation – but I also had real human feelings that needed to be validated. It wasn’t less good of me or less anything to be real. It was amazing. I feel amazing. The situation is what it is – but I am not letting it reel me in and ruin me from the inside out. I Am FREE.

All glory and praise to You my King and Deliverer. I know you see me. I know you love me and my family of 4. I know you have plans for us. I know our tomorrows will look brighter. Blessed be Your name ~

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