I think we as parents all hope our kids will gather, sooner than later, that there is a deeper meaning to all of this Christmas shenanigans. I like fun and I don’t plan on ending fun anytime soon – but doesn’t a soul need to long for more than fun? I am sure it does.

Did I get what I wanted for Christmas? Is Santa real? I’m I happy?

Seriously? So, thank you Jesus that I may be in my 30’s but I do long to know and feel it deeper. To feel You deeper. And I have this inkling that our kids do too, they just don’t know it yet. And I bet we can help them – by quieting some of the chaos a little.

We should not forge happiness and bliss for our families. It is insane and costly and time consuming and I feel like a liar doing it in some way. Because I know I need more, I know they will need more to hang on to one day.

There is this Jesus who came. He has been coming since time begin. His story is real and not all bliss and not all happy and His story is for you child, because you must understand that to get to value, greatness to get to be who you are meant to be – to wash this retch of a world off of you – you must learn to live your whole story. In Faith that the One who came to save you, has lived it all too. No one is picking on you when you are lonely. When you don’t seem to have what you need. It is love wrapped in a package you must learn to unwrap, carefully. You will find that you did have what you needed and that you weren’t nearly as lonely as you thought ~ Because of Him.

True soul satisfaction can be attained – in the quiet places of Christ.What a gift to give ourselves and our children- learning to reverence Him in all His glory now ~

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