Why is it so hard to believe that its OK, this doing life is going to be hard – and that’s just OK and totally normal.

It’s OK to have hard storms and windy battles that blow through your life… while you are busy doing good… not even out carousing like welcoming trouble. No, your doing the good that you have in front of you and the troubles come and you aren’t crazy, you are not a mistake.

You are just the way you are meant to be.

And you’re saying thank you for the struggle because you have been learning about your Savior and you get that you should realize you can’t and aren’t supposed to see the end from the beginning – the Alpha and Omega isn’t your name. It’s His.

You want to get discouraged but then you read that discourage is just a bad form of self love – because you really never have a reason to be discouraged when your getting fed by Jesus. He never disappoints. He never discourages. I’m learning to go back there with Him over and over – to pull the prayers out of the soul that wants so badly to close up and say it isn’t fair – the troubles – but He wouldn’t be the one to tell about what is fair and pain suffering (that Cross thing He did for us) and all… but He sure is the One who holds and keeps hearing us.

Prince of Peace

King of Kings

So while some are out doing who knows what, I sit in my home wearing sweats and teaching kids. Teaching myself. The Alpha and Omega. The I Am. The Healer. Jesus.

I keep needing to remind myself that I will ALWAYS need.

And that’s just fine by me ~

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