It pays to say, just how very hard it is to open our scared hands to His plan. I know He is faithful – but it is still hard.

It is still sight unseen and all you can count on is Him to provide. I know you may think that that should be simple – but it is the very hardest thing.

But lets still try ~ lets still do it ~ tears and fears and all ~ something in me knows it has to be the answer.

Not all that I can see, I so want to just go get busy – to go to whole foods and shop the clean isles that I can see – but I stay here and let Him have my heart again – my scared tired of believing heart. I stay home and do this again partly because its terrible cold and snowy outside today. Funny how He takes care of us, of our souls like that. Knowing the doing can wait just a bit.

I know that the doing and producing with my human strength doesn’t really produce what He can – but its easier or something – hard to get the body to sit and feel and not know what He knows ~

Seeking with you again today ~ but not striving because Grace says we don’t have to do that anymore!

Aiming for Glory and I somehow know you can’t miss Glory.

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