I want to write a letter to new mothers. I want to tell you a secret…

Dear new mothers,

There are many things to learn when becoming a mother.But don’t get your hair in a tangle! Yes, there are a million things to decide to wrap your mind around but  This is a journey of your own faith in God as much as anything else.

If we are praying and trusting God with our worries and hopes, then others will soon see where our strength lies. Not in being able to orchestrate perfection for our children but in relying on a perfect God and then doing our day to day best to love and lead our children as He would.

And that is really what our purpose for living is – to learn to love God more – to bring glory to His name – to spur our children on to do then do the same. We may think the verse Train up a child is our mantra (and it is!) but God is hoping that we too will be let our Heavenly Father train us up as we go on about trying to train up little versions of humans… you’ll be shocked at just how similar the training is…!

I can’t imagine doing motherhood and remaining sane without my faith! At the end of this, when they leave our house and go do be whatever it is – I hope my own faith and person is ready to go and be and do whatever it is God has me all trained up and ready for too! Because this isn’t just about the kids – God is much more able than that! and we are His children too!

Blessings !~~


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