It pays to say that we are all human, we are all either emotional stuffers or reacting  screamers naturally. (Just in case I need to remind myself, stuffing our feelings never works and only makes us angry and unpleasant). And screaming hurts people and ourselves and leaves ugly scars and tears.

So, lets talk about a better way, yes there is a better way.

We are working against our sin nature that says for a myriad of different reasons that we are strong, we are able, and it’s all up to us. But I beg to differ with you oh annoying sin nature you: You are not the boss of us.


See, even us who claim to know Him have to submit to the yielding to Him in these areas. You must be holy now in everything you do – for with out holiness no one will see the the Lord. 1peter 1:15-16 tells us. And in case you haven’t noticed, it’s not a very good day when its just us chickens down here acting like we on our own know how to run a show/life/family.

These are intended to be beautiful delicate things – lives, families, homes, friendships. So how we handle them as Jesus followers should be good. Shouldn’t hurt people with our ugliness. But our lives -our words and actions – should open a place for His light to shine in the dark mess of things. There is hope.

This world is still His – All His.

Much love to you today ~



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