When you want to fix things for your family and you just can’t do it – you aren’t a failure. You’re doing good to realize that its not all up to you ~

I know, it’s pain- stakingly hard to watch people you love have troubles you really feel like they should or could be rescued from.

Well guess what!? They are loved by Jesus even more than that deep down, gigantic love you have for them. So go ahead and pray for their deliverance, pray for Gods justice to prevail in their situation – because He is more than ready to fight for their good! even if it is a Goliath He will send a David 🙂

I know, it feels good to just go bananas about it sometimes. Especially if you have eaten a lot of chocolate and your hormones have come a knockin’. But set your cute self down and just be quiet and let the words to this song breath down over you tonight. (I included 2 versions for your personal taste choice – the last song is from the early 2000’s and you can giggle at the clothes and hair if that makes your day brighter! I want tell anybody )

Jesus is praying for you and your sweet life ~  and I am praying for you too.

Now you can rest your self on that pillow knowing He holds everything 🙂

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