I think worry and fear are always going to be ugly friends of mine. I think they are my thorn, if you will.

We all have one 🙂

But don’t be fooled by your thorn. We can overcome.With good help and a little determination, hour by hour – day by day. Always believing that He will provide the strength.

You see, I fear He won’t come through… I fear looking like a fool. But I refuse to stay in this state of mind –  So, I put on the Bible verse that reminds me not to fear a,b,c,d, and then I will myself to say it out loud. To trust that the Holy Spirit in me will activate this because that is what my Bible study teacher tells me will happen. This faith thing is 2 parts she says, one part us making space for Him and the other part Him coming to bring the power in us to do the thing we needed Him to supply what we could not.

See, this is our fight down here. We have the Source of all help and hope but we must will and choose to believe it will work. Any tiny amount of faith will do, some of us are sure it must be large to get His vote to participate but we are long wrong on that.

Simple. Jesus gravitates toward simple and child like needs. (All needing is simple when it’s compared to God size-ness. We just like to rank need down here.)  That person next to you at the stop light who you think has it all together, they need Jesus too. I promise. Even if her hair looks amazing that day.

He helps me get up in time to make it to exercise class which builds my muscles and gets my body moving with other women. We’re more in this together than we realize.

He stops my eyes to see the pansies on sale at the garden store – much needed color for my winter dead looking brown yard.

He brings my son to set a purple mommy style coloring page on my pillow while I catch just a few more winks before the day gets to start.

My husband is good with the new lamp I bought that sits by his chair. I call him and ask if I can change the lamp out… he says yes. The kids and I work to fit it in the car and have fun doing it.

We spend the afternoon with our Grandma, again for the who knows how many times.

I remember to read the quote by my mirror in the bathroom – “Lord help me to love you more than any other person or thing.” I remember that doing that won’t steal my life away but instead it will build me up, deep down so I can see all that He IS doing for this girl. Despair is such a liar. 



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