I was shopping on the clearance rack at Old Navy the other day. Alone 🙂 Sometimes I just feel the urge to say something kind to the stranger shopping beside me. So I spoke up and said to the lady Have you had a nice day today? And she looked at me a little surprised but then answered back, Yes I have. I told her that I hoped I hadn’t made her feel funny by me asking and she said No and that really we are very lucky to live the lives we live.

I have to agree with her.

We have so much to be thankful for every day. And if I’m getting my hair all tousled about my schedule or what I need to do – maybe it isn’t my lives fault at all – maybe it’s my poor idea of what is really important.

Running us all over the world or keeping up with my routine to a T is not what I was put here for.

Taking things as they come and letting myself breathe. So, my kids can breathe. and reminding them to be thankful and not grumble over what I fix up for dinner because we always always have full bellies and plenty.


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