My  Grandpa that was a big part of my daily life finally got to go on to heaven. 90 years old. But the trouble is our Grandma misses him a lot and it’s strange to think that he isn’t sitting in his brown recliner out in the country where it just always was.

My kids and I have nearly tossed our lives out of orbit to make sure we are visiting our Nana ( my grandma) often. It’s an hour away. I have to pack clothes and food. It’s made me nutty and tired. My normal time to exercise has to be moved to late in the day. My body and brain are not liking this.  But I know that it’s just what I am supposed to be doing. I want to even. Yesterday, I was all packed and mentally ready to hop in the car and go lest I get a call that she was ever so lonely. No one likes lonely especially after 42 years of marriage.

But I am not her Savior. I must remember this. My children aren’t her Savior either. I forget this Savior business sometimes. HE RUNS THE UNIVERSE. Breathe.

We ARE loving on my Nana well. We ARE being available. This is good. I would even go as far to say that for this time -it’s what God wants us to be doing with some of our time. It’s an obedience thing.

Something that, on His strength and in His timing He knew I would be able to do for others.  It’s hard work though. Which pays to say that God knows when His children need some extra heavy lifting.

I could smile and just tell you that it brings me so much happiness to be loving onon my dear grandma. And that because I had God it was just slippery slope easy! But I am not going to do that. Even though I am trusting God like you are probably doing – it is still OK to be human! Tired – drained emotionally. But that’s maybe exactly how God wanted me to be. For His compassion’s could keep on being my food?!

When He says to us, Trust me with all your heart – He really means it! Making us new in the process.

Here is a song to press these truths into our hearts just a little more. SOAK IT UP. Trust your life to Someone else with me

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