The Lord whispers in my Spirit, I have come. That may seem silly to you, but I have been talking to Him for a very long time about Him coming for me on this one important thing. This thing that I could not ever in a million years have had what it took to accomplish on my own.

I have had to let go off my plan about fixing it, and let God have control one measly little human step at a time. See we think the funniest things down here! “Oh wow I have really accomplished a lot and oh wow I am such an amazing person. Can’t you hear what they say about me?!!”

Ha. People. Seriously! God is so on a different scale of wonderfulness.

This is our job – mine and yours in the midst of our attempting to obey His timing – keep cooperating with God in spite of the doubts you may feel and the pain you may think you will have to endure. Keep cooperating day by day, choice by choice with God believing in His Always Coming to Us Loving Kindness. There. Now that deserves to be put in all caps. Not my humaness… But His faithfulness.


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