Sometimes in life, this is really true – more than just a beautifully written song ~ He really does call us out on the waters where oceans are deep and our feet really could and do fail us. Deep oceans and dark skies are unknown to us, much like life is sometimes – and failing is all we seem to be doing. Or all those around us seem to be doing and we are put tightly in the situation with them. These are the times when we can not lose sight of the Father, Who is our Shore. His promises become all we can cling to and so we do. And they prove faithful. For Gods promises to prove true to each individual, we must first know them, then believe them and then wait for them to come to pass. Readjust our sails to so that we are moving in His desired direction – going after, waiting for His will. I know this must be wrestled out over and over with Him sometimes but then when we rest there, tired from thinking of “better in our eyes” solutions – we finally just say Here I am Lord. And we wait ~

He shines so much brilliant light on our path while we are sailing the rocky and rough waters to get the next shoreline.

He is the best Lighthouse ever.

Showering us with gentle love that we can tuck just in the right places of our hearts. He DOES want us to continue living while we are soul waiting for something from Him – His chiseling on our heart and remolding it – He never ever leaves us in the heat on the waves alone.

His gifts of love while we wait in growing pain places will far out number the hurts tucked in the process that want so badly to leave scars but the Good Love of the Father does not stop coming.  While we are burning in our growing pains or cheering someone we love on in their heat – we are good to count and take notice of all the Love that is packed in. Sure, there are near hopeless moments (or so we feel) but there is really never a hopeless moment when our Hope is founded in Him. The Eternal One.

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