I’m constantly learning, this life -what it means. All the doing and the making a home, a family – friendships. I’m constantly seeking the meaning behind it all.

The pain and heartache how it somehow finally heals the more I let go of it and trust Him in this moment. I’m learning how not to lean into my sorrows, but lean hard into all of my blessings. This is healing my heart and giving me life.

There is always enough of God in the present moment, so there is always going to be enough.

We don’t have to sit and worry about what if’s and how will we – oh I know there is plenty of that to do – but we waste the present when we push for the future. AND THAT IS JUST IT – the future is unknown but the God who holds it can be known right now.

I’m constantly blessed and amazed by the way Jesus keeps coming in and loving on me. I think I’m done for and all a mess – one too many stumbles – but He takes my shoulders, turns me to Him and says all my blunders are washed away. HE FULLY FORGIVES AND ONLY SEES THE REAL ME that I may struggle to see it all for myself till eternity comes.

We humans, we get tired and stressed and fail – but God knew this would happen and He knew we would have a need for a Perfect Father and that’s exactly what He wants to be to us.

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